Sunday, October 10, 2004



I arrived in Carbondale since 2 months ago, and all this time I have been learning many things. One of those things is how I can do a summary. It was not difficult for me because Mexico has similar system except that I did not what is a plagiarism. Therefore, I think is good idea that CESL teaches how we can do a summary because I think that is very important to know if you want to study in The United States.

I think a summary is like an apple because everybody can eat an apple because it is very easy. You do not need to remove the skin in order to eat the apple and I think do summary is easy too because you have to rewrite the article but with yours own words.

Summary Response

Other thing that I learned here was how I can do a summary response. It was new for me because I had never done a summary response before I came here. I think it is not to difficult just you have to think very well what you are going to write because it have to be related with the article that you read. One thing that I think that could be a problem is the grammar because in my experience I could not write exactly what ever I want to write because scarcely I am learning the English an for me it is very difficult express what I want to say.

I think that a summary response is like a sandwich because when you do a sandwich you can add what ever you want, for example: tuna, ham, turkey, etc. it is optional, but all those ingredients are always between the bread. In the other hand, when you do a summary response you could write what ever you want, but it has to be related with the author article.

Argumentative Essay

Other new thing for me is how I can do an argumentative essay. It was new for me because I had never done that before I came here. I think it has a litter grade of difficult because when you do a essay not only you have to be sure what are you going to write but also you have to have evidence to support your essay.

I think an argumentative essay is like a prickly pear because it is difficult to remove the skin and when you do an essay, it has to be always focused in the thesis. Other thing is that when you come to the center, it is very sweet but you find seeds around the center. Do an essay is very interesting because you can express your feelings but you have to have evidence to support the argument.

Argumentative Essay 10/10/04

Smoking in public Places

Nowadays in almost all parts of the world has much controversy because some people agree about smoke in public places, but other people who do not smoke complain about that. The people who smoke say that why they cannot smoke if it is a public place. In a statistic from timeout asked: should smoking be banned in public places? The 74% of the people said yes, 22% said no, and 3% said do not care. I think people should not smoke in public places because some times the smokers do not respect the other people who do not smoke and if they smoke not only affect themselves but also they affect the other people around them.

One of the reasons why I disagree with smokers in public place is because some times people who do not smoke have to tolerate the bad smell and smoke. For example, I hate when after go to nightclub my cloths and my hair have cigarette smell, or when I go to a restaurant and the person, who is sitting in the next table to me, is smoking. It is uncomfortable situation because why I have to eat breathing smoke if I do not like smoke. Other bad consequence to smoke is the sickness of the secondhand smokers because sometimes they work in a bar or restaurant and they have much contact with smoke.

My second reason to ban smoking in public places is the illness of the passive smokers. I think is really stupid that people knowing that smoke cause cancer or other diseases continue smoking. That mean that maybe they do not have care of their health, but sometimes they affect other people. For example, if a mother smokes a lot in her house, maybe she does not have diseases to smoke, but sometimes her children have problems because they breathe the smoke. They are passive smokers and this is a very bad situation because they are innocents. Environmental Protection Agency reports that passive smoking causes 2500 to 3300 lung-cancer deaths a year among non-smokers in the US. Researchers have discovered that the onslaught of cigarette smoke causes 97 genes to malfunction.

Other reason to ban smoking is that the smoke harms and pollutes the environment. In addiction, it is a fact that our planet has air pollution and it can help to continue harms the planet. Environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) contains more than 40 substances that are known to cause cancer in human beings or animals. Sometimes the people think that is just few smoke but they do not think that is jus few smoke, but from people of all world, and it step by step is affecting our planet. In 1995, about 18 million children under 10 years of age lived in areas with air quality that did not meet federal standards.

In conclusion, I think that smoke is very bad and government should not permitted smoke in public place because not only affect the people who smoke but also the other people. Moreover, if you smoke, you have to think more about that not only for your health but also for the other people who live with you.


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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

My experience in CESL

My experience in CESL

During the time that I have been in U.S., I have learned many things. First, I think my English has been so much improved because before came here I could not write a page in English, but now not only I can write more than a page but also I have been learn new forms to write. For example: summaries, summary response, and argumentative essays. This is new for me because I did not know that until come here. I think it is interesting and I like do that.
I think that do a summary is like eat an apple because almost every body eats an apple in the same way (biting the apple) and to do a summary almost every body does that whit a special system (APA).
Also I think summary response is like an orange because when you eat an orange you have to take away the peel to enjoy the fruit and when you do a summary response not only you have to do a summary but also you have to say what are you think about the article.
Finally I think that when you do a argumentative essay you have to know about the topic in order to whatever you write yours readers enjoy do that; And like a mango you have to know the exactly moment to eat and enjoy that.